Elias Myers and The Ohio State University Buckeyes

Elias Myers joins The Ohio State University Football Team

An Ohio native who has always loved football, Elias grew up wanting to be a Buckeye and knows just what that’s like for the thousands of kids out there who share that dream.


He also grew up in the R-PAC at OSU while his mom was in grad school, and the football players hanging out there off-season played pick up basketball games with Elias and his brother Abe even though they were very young. The kindness of those players made a lasting impression. Never underestimate the power of treating a kid right.

In August 2021, Elias was blessed with an invitation to join the Buckeyes. 

Elias was recruited as a linebacker. He has also played defensive end, tailback, tight end, and fullback. He made the Dean’s List at OSU for fall semester 2021.

Go Bucks!

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