19 DE Eli Myers Impressed Michigan State & Ron Burton at Elite Camp

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Posted by Luke Robins on scout.com. Originally published on Spartan Nation by Hondo Carpenter.

2019 OH DE recruit Eli Myers got the chance to visit Michigan State at the elite camp and told Spartan Nation just how much he enjoyed it. Not only did he get time to talk and meet the coaches, but he was able to learn a lot from them as well.

“I loved it. I loved working with all the coaches,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “I loved the facilities and I learned a lot. I’m really thankful for the opportunity.”

One of the many coaches Myers got a chance to talk to was defensive tackles coach Ron Burton. He enjoyed talking to each of the coaches.

“I talked to him (Burton). I talked to a lot of the coaches there and I really enjoyed all of them,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “Coach Burton taught me a lot so I’m just thankful for the opportunity.”

Myers believed that the coaches liked his performance, even if he did not live up to his high standards as a perfectionist. He was not quite happy with how some of the drills went, but received some positive feedback from the coaches later on. He thinks that the coaches like what they see.

“I think the coaches like what they see from me. I think I have a lot to work on personally. I’m kind of a perfectionist so I like to be the best,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “I think that on paper I didn’t have as good of a day as I wanted, but some of the coaches were telling me they liked what they saw so I felt pretty good.”

Myers believes his ability to rush the edge and his hands are his best assists, but that does not stop him from working on them. As a perfectionist, there is always something he can find to improve. He does plan to work on his hips and speed, but also plans to improve everywhere he can.

“I love being on the edge and rushing. I think I’ve got pretty good hands too,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “I just need to work on my hips more. I can always work on everything, even my hands. Everything can get better. I think my speed is pretty good, but I can work on it too.”

Thankfully for Myers, he still has two whole years of high school to hone his craft and get to the level he wants to be at for college. Sometimes he forgets since he has already received camp invites from Toledo, Penn State, Ohio State, Pitt, Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio and Michigan State.

Myers is sure of one thing when it comes to college: he wants to play with his older brother Abe. Abe Myers is no stranger to Spartan Nation as he is a very good 2018 prospect.  Eli said that he has always looked up to his older brother. He loves the way Abe plays and also gives him extra motivation to play his best. It would be a dream for the two to play together in college.

“That is my dream. I’ve always wanted to play with Abe,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “I look up to Abe and love how he plays. He motivates me. Being able to play with him would be a dream come true.”

Although Myers is still very early in his recruiting process, Michigan State has left a mark on him. Not only did he get the chance to see all the facilities, but he got to see what East Lansing has to offer as a city when he stayed the night in town before the camp. He enjoys everything the Spartans can offer.

“I love Michigan State. I love the atmosphere. When I got there, I liked it when I saw the facilities,” Myers told Spartan Nation. “It felt like a good place. We got the chance to stay the night before and I enjoyed it. I liked the area, the facilities and everything else about it.”

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